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3D Fantastic Lash Mascara GR

Gives up to 100% more volume, maximum length and thicker lashes, covering each one individually without pellets thanks to the

3D Mega Shine Lipgloss

To 3D Mega Shine Lipgloss με Vegan Φόρμουλα έχει ελαφριά σύνθεση και εξαιρετική λάμψη που γλιστράει εύκολα στα χείλη δίχως

Angle Blusher Brush GR (9502/2069)

High quality oblique brush for all types of blush. In blister pack.

Ball Blusher GR

These colorful magic blush balls create a velvety and bright health effect on your cheekbones! It can be applied with

Beauty Blender Set (2052)

NEW high quality makeup mixing sponges with a unique design by GOLDEN ROSE, ideal for mixing makeup products (make-up, concealer),

Blending Brush GR (2020/2099)

Shadow Mixing Brush GR (2020) High quality shadow brush for light application in mixing eye shadows. In blister pack.

Blending Sponge (2075)

The new blending sponge helps to mix makeup products, giving a flawless and professional finish to your skin. Can be

Cat’s Eye Liner Matte Blue GR

Eyeliner for intense dramatic look in the eyes. With matte, intense, blue color, Cat Rose Eyes Liner by Golden Rose,

Cat’s Eyes Liner Black GR

Eyeliner for dramatic look in the eyes. With matte, intense, black color, Cats Eyes Liner by Golden Rose, creates the

Color Corrector Crayon GR

Correction pencil for uneven skin color tones. It helps you to target the problem areas of the face that show

Concealer & Corrector Crayon GR

Cover & Correction Pencil Cover and correction pencil, which you should always have with you, to cover all the needs